Information on courses and Pricing.

Specific information and pricing on individual courses can be found under the tab for each specific course. As many customers are looking for Concealed Carry training the pricing is listed here:

CCW 1  8 hours (Includes NRA Basic Pistol) $120

CCW 2  8 Hours (Additional Illinois Training Requierment) $120

Utah Concealed Carry add-on $45.00 (Add on to CCW 2)

Florida Concealed Carry only $60.00

Complete Package (CCW 1, CCW 2, Florida and Utah) $250

Complete Package is a $345 dollar value !!



Pick your class from the Courses tab( hover your mouse over "Courses") to get information on your specific class. Classes fall into one of three general categories:

1. NRA certification Classes.

2. State Certification Classes (NRA certification may also be available with some of these classes).

3. General Shooting classes. These are classes to help you build and improve your shooting skills and are not part of a certification program.