Scott Peirson is the Training Director for Fire at Will Training Academy. He has over 30 years of Firearms experience. Scott is an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and holds multiple Firearm Instructor ratings.


NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

Illinois Certified Concealed Carry Instructor

Utah Concealed Carry Instructor

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor

NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor

NRA Rifle Instructor

NRA Shotgun instructor

NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor


David Litton is a Private Investigator, former Security Director for major hotels and resorts and retired shift Sergeant for an area hospital. David has over 37 years of firearms experience and is a second degree black belt in Kyuk Ki Do.


NRA Range Safety Officer

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

Illinois certified Concealed Carry Instructor

Police Firearms Qualified Expert

State of Illinois Local Government Law Enforcement Training Board 40 hour Firearms training.

Instructor: NRA Refuse To Be a Victim Program 




Fire At Will Training Academy instructors