Fire at Will Training Academy Instructors are recognized by the Illinois State Police as Concealed Carry Instructors. We also have our own curriculum approved by the Illinois State Police. Except for required "Dry Fire" exercises, we do all of our firearms training in a "Live Fire" range environment, not on a simulator. We believe handling your firearm in this environment, under the supervision of our instructors provides better, realistic practical experience and improves your confidence in firearm handling. The Illinois Concealed Carry Training Program is 16 hours in length. Those with prior firearm training may qualify for up to 8 hours of training credit towards the 16 hour requirement. Contact our staff today to discuss your prior training so we can advise you on exactly what training you will need to be in compliance with the Illinois Statute.

If you are in need of the full 16 hours we have different combinations of training that include NRA certification courses that will meet the training requirements established by the State of Illinois. All NRA courses used for this are "Complete" courses. You will receive all NRA student material that is yours to keep as well as an NRA certificate to document your training. You will need your own firearm, .38 or larger and 150 rounds of ammunition. Pistol or revolver may be used. Magnum calibers are not recommended. Eye and hearing protection will be needed for range time.

Illinois Concealed Carry, Basic Package: $250. This includes all student training materials, range fees, targets and classroom time. Students will be provided with all documentation needed to submit their Illinois Concealed Carry application . This does not include the $150 fee charged by the state.

State Fees for Concealed Carry:                Illinois $150            Florida $112           Utah $48  

These are paid directly to the state you are applying to and are set by that state. Fire at Will has no control of these fees.

Fingerprints for Illinois Concealed Carry: Fingerprints for Illinois Concealed Carry are optional. The state will process your application in 120 days or less without fingerprints, 90 days or less with fingerprints. Illinois requires "Livescan" fingerprints which Fire at Will Training Academy does not do. We partner with Above Biometrics to provide this as well as application processing service to our students. See the "Fingerprint" tab for more information.  

Should you decide not to have your prints taken at class the link below will provide vendors. Be sure to bring your TCN number they provide you to class. It will be needed for your application.

Fingerprints for Florida: Florida requires a "Hard Copy" fingerprint card done by a law enforcement agency. Your local police department can do this for you. Fire at Will Training Academy can provide you with the proper finger print card. Utah also requires "Hard Copy" prints, which can be done by our fingerprint vendor. Call us to make sure you have the proper fingerprint documentation for the permits you are applying for.