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Fingerprints are not required for your Illinois Concealed Carry Permit. They do, however speed the processing time by at least 30 days. Process time without fingerprints can be up to 120 days without prints. Illinois requires fingerprints done using a process called "LiveScan". Fire at Will does not provide this service but does partner with Above Biometrics to Provide this service. They can also provide Hard Copy Fingerprints for Utah and Arizona as well as provide application completion service for your Illinois CCW. Should you want any of these services in class it must be requested and paid in advance so Above Biometrics can schedule staff to be present at the class.

Concealed Carry in Illinois is administered by the Illinois State Police. Their website can help you with questions, information and it's also where you do your on-line application.



If your looking for quality target stands here they are. These stands are made of sturdy PVC and wood. Contact David at if you are interested. The price for the stands are $30 each. Extra if you want them painted in camo. These target stands have been proven to stand up to multiple rounds.

If you're looking for the perfect solution for the storage and security of your Firearm in your vehicle call the folks at SAE Customs. They have lots of great solutions for you with fair prices and great workmanship. Tell them Fire at Will sent you.