NRA Basic Pistol for ILCCW after Jan 2016

Format change and ILCCW training credit.

‚ÄčBeginning January of 2016 the NRA has gone to a "Blended" learning format for the Basic Pistol Program. This format uses On-Line, non-instructor led content. The CCW  requirements for Illinois specifically require all training to be Live Instructor Contact. NRA Basic Pistol can no longer be delivered in this format. Therefore, after January of 2016 NRA Basic Pistol cannot be used for credit hours towards Illinois CCW. NRA Basic Pistol taken before January 2016 remains valid as does other Instructor led NRA programs. This change was made by the NRA. We apologize for the inconvenience, however this is beyond our control.  

Please be aware of this. This is the information we received from the Illinois State Police and confirmed with the ISRA. 

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Concealed Carry training pricing is listed here:

CCW 1  8 hours $100

CCW 2  8 Hours (Additional Illinois Training Requirement) $100

Utah Concealed Carry add-on $40.00 (Add on to CCW 2)

Florida Concealed Carry only $60.00

Complete Package (CCW 1, CCW 2, Florida and Utah) $200

All range fees and student materials included !!

Complete Package is a $300 dollar value !!

Other class pricing and information is under the "Courses" Tab

Application fees to individual states not included

Check the Courses Tab or call us for details.

Concealed Carry Training in the Chicago Area

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