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ALL of our classes are registered with the NRA and/or the respective state you are receiving training for. This information is needed to submit a completed training report. You cannot be certified without it.

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We have a few options for payment for class. You are welcome to pay by cash or check at class or we can send you a Paypal invoice for

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If you are signing up for a Concealed Carry class please be sure to choose the proper option. If you have prior training you may only need the 8 hour ILCCW only class. If you're not sure you can submit your documentation here and our staff will review it and advise you. We will make sure you receive the proper credit and that you get only the additional training you need.

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Students wishing to pay their class deposit may do so here, via Paypal. It's fast, convenient and secure. Please make sure to choose which class you are depositing for from the drop down menu below.